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snow in Clarens!!

The snow in Clarens is an amazing, awesome experience !!

But !!

Please please please don't phone us to ask when is it going to snow in Clarens. We don't know these things. Unfortunately. The old cliche about the kids in the city, that don't know where milk comes from, is applicable. Pretty much like the kids that don't know anymore that milk comes from a cow, and not from Woolworth, the parents apparently also lost touch with reality and how things work, and they assume we have a direct hotline to the heavens above, and know exactly when the weather is going to do what.

We here in Clarens realize you would like to book your accommodation a few month in advance, and you want to book it on the exact weekend that it is going to snow in Clarens. We know, we know, we know. But really?

We do live in Africa, after all, beautiful people. Snow here in Africa is a rare occasion, out of the norm, even here in Clarens.

Most of the time there is no snow here in Clarens, and even if it does snow, then it melts very quickly again, as soon as the sun is out.

But do contact us, and we can put you on a "short-notice" contact list! How does that sound!?

Or keep an eye on the Snow-Report guys. Here is a link to their website:

And have a look at our snow photos here on this website!

the beauty of Clarens. With Mount Horeb in the background.

Clarens is definitely well worth a visit, the place to be! Enjoy your holiday! In Clarens! And remember to book your holiday accommodation with us!

For any further enquiries or bookings contact us on 083 485 9654 or e-mail us on: kallie@clarensinfo.co.za

To visit our photo-gallery of the snow in Clarens. Click here!

the beauty of Clarens. With Mount Horeb in the background.