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The Clarens Brewery

Clarens even has its own Brewery! Where not only some fine hand crafted beers and ciders are brewed, but also whiskey as well as apple brandy is distilled. In December of 2006 Stephan Meyer, the brewer, opened one of only a few micro breweries in South Africa right here in Clarens. He is passionate about micro brewed beer and has been brewing great full grain, pure malt beers since 2004 with an absolute dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

Clarens Brewery has seasonal beers available most of the time that they brew when they manage to source special malts or hops. But let them tell their story themselves; check out their website here:

Clarens Brewery website

For more information on their craft gins, ciders, juices, and fruit liqueurs, pop into their Red Stone Craft website. Here is the link:

The Red Stone Craft website
the best hand crafted beers and ciders from the Clarens Brewery. the best hand crafted beers and ciders from the Clarens Brewery.

This lovely little brewery can be found in Clarens on the square. If you love to try local brews on your travels, then a stop-over at Clarens Brewery is a must! They offer free tasting, and once you settle on your favourite, you can relax with a draught and enjoy!

Clarens Brewery can be contacted on 058 256 1193 or e-mail them on: info@clarensbrewery.co.za